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Most of the music that I compose is for myself or other players that I know.  Charles Dowd at the University of Oregon commissioned  “The Oregon Variations.”  “Quartz City” was composed for me to play and it won the Percussive Arts Society composition competition in 1995.  “Dark Wing” was written for cellist Roger Lebow.  “Shape Shifter” was composed for percussionist Nick Terry and “Nine Sheets to the Wind” was written for woodwind improviser Vinny Golia.  Performers and composers have taken many approaches to the world of music these past 40 years and I have been blessed with the opportunity to play many of them from the modernism of Pierre Boulez and John Zorn to the jazz orchestra compositions of Kim Richmond.  I have played a broad range of contemporary chamber music, Persian music on the marimba, gospel music, jazz standards, blues, the American songbook with Roger Williams and, thanks to my composer friends Chris Young and Don Davis, a few Hollywood film scores.  These varied experiences have informed my compositions.  My goal is to challenge and entice players into a virtuosic world of rich harmony and exciting rhythms.  ----DJ

From Josef Woodard, The Los Angeles Times
"Percussionist David Johnson donned his composer’s hat and wore it well with “Dark Wing.”  He played marimba, with Roger Lebow on cello.   Unlikely allies or a sympathetic, destined pairing?  We opt, for the latter, according to this lovely accessible and unabashedly sensuous score."

”Quartz City “
for vibraphone soloist and percussion quintet
Studio 4 Music

“The Oregon Variations”
for marimba soloist and percussion quintet
Mostly Marimba

“Dark Wing”
for marimba and cello
publisher: Mostly Marimba (available soon)

"Etudes for Vibraphone"
publisher: Mostly Marimba (available soon)

“Shape Shifter”
for marimba and vibraphone
publisher: Mostly Marimba (available soon)

“Fall Variations”
for piano solo
publisher: David Johnson 

“Nine Sheets to the Wind”
for sextet and improvising soloist
publisher: David Johnson 

“Obra de la Tierra”
for solo multiple percussion
publisher: David Johnson



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